Escrow Division Set Up + Management Services - California Settlement Services
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Escrow Division Set Up + Management Services

If you’ve been considering opening an in-house escrow division within your brokerage, but are feeling overwhelmed by just the thought, we have a solution. 

Our company has worked with a large number of brokers that have said they’ve considered it, but don’t want to deal with the hassle, systems, or support that comes with the territory. 


As an Escrow Management Service Company, we have helped companies just like you, not only build profitable and secure escrow divisions, but also manage them after establishing. 


Here’s how we can work to establish an in-house escrow division for you: 


  • Develop the internal infrastructure
  • Hire and train the right team 
  • Create the systems and processes for profitability and efficiency  
  • Provide educational materials for your internal team and clients 


We can also support the division by managing: 


  • Banking Reconciliation Support for Client Trust Accounts
  • Compliance: Escrow File Audit Support
  • Technology Support
  • Staffing and Resource Support


We would love the opportunity to discuss a customized solution for your brokerage, answer any questions that you may have, and provide references from current clients, so please contact us!